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I am happy to have helped these patients on their path to recovery and sustained wellness. If you’d like to submit a testimonial, I welcome it at

Dr Bob has the best  bedside manner of any doctor I have ever seen. He's upbeat and explains everything.  I came in with multiple issues and Dr. Bob addressed them all. He gave me an adjustment and exercises to do on my own to prevent injuries. I play a full contact sport, Roller Derby and Dr. Bob offers his time at our games for pre-game adjustments and taping. He does this for a number of leagues, all with a smile. He's genuine and helpful and I totally recommend him.

Katie P. - Brea, CA

Thankful he's right next door to my work. No matter how much pain I am in.... he fixes me right up in seconds!

Nadi C. - Santa Monica, CA

By far, the most compassionate and friendly chiropractor.  When I went on workers comp this year, Dr. Bob was the only chiro on the list nearby.  I really lucked out. First off, he starts you off by lying down on a rolling massage  table with hot packs for 15 minutes. What a treat! This helps to warm up your muscles so that the adjustment feels effortless. He really goes the extra mile. He assisted me with finding the right orthopedic surgeon and gave me some stretches and exercises to assist with my injuries. I never felt rushed and he really cares about your questions and concerns.

Deborah H. - Littleton, CO

Dr. Kilroy, or "Dr. Bob" as I know him, has treated me many times because I'm a skater for the LA Derby Dolls and my body tends to need a lot of adjustments!  Dr. Bob is fantastic and I always feel so much better after he adjusts my neck and back.  He is a wonderful Chiro and an all-around, great person with a great attitude!

Gori S. - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Bob is awesome!  He doesn't want to just treat an injury, he wants to make sure you are doing what you can to prevent further injury with proper physical therapy and exercise.  Dr. Bob gives great adjustment and muscle work. He's one of the only chiropractors that can adjust my very difficult lower back.

Stacey W. - Alhambra, CA

Dr. Kilroy helped me with my knee problems earlier this year with ease and patience. He's knowledgeable and listens attentively to his patients so that he can be as accurate as possible in his treatment. He's also very easy-going and does his best to have his patients feel comfortable in his methods. He knows his stuff, so go see him if you ever have a need for a chiropractor!

Sandra F. - Los Angeles, CA